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About Us


The purpose of Scentual Soothers is to provide our customers with quality natural soy wax candles that are blended with essential oils and healing crystals that help promote aromatherapy, the flow of positive energy and an overall healthy lifestyle.


My passion to develop Scentual Soothers grew from my own struggles with finding balance and serenity in this chaotic world. Throughout my healing journey I began collecting and studying gemstones and experimenting with different blends of essential oils. I discovered that the energy of the crystals and sweet aroma of the oils aided in alleviating my stress and soothing my spirit, even in the most intense circumstances, which has helped improve my self-esteem, inner peace, and manifesting my goals. I have carefully crafted each Scentual Soothers candle with intention to create the perfect ambiance and I am so excited to share them with all of you!


Scentual Soothers is not just a candle, it’s an experience! Each candle is custom blended with premium essential oils, healing crystals, and natural soy wax. These candles are designed with a purpose to fit your needs from self-love, to manifestation, to tranquility. Once you have burned out your candle, you keep the crystals for your collection. They are also great for home and office decor, gifts, meditation and so much more!