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What is Scentual Soothers?

The perfect blend of essential oils and healing crystals in a candle that soothes the soul.

Scentual Crystal Candles

SELF - LOVE - Being in love with every part of yourself; knowing that you are enough.

Amethyst - "peace stone" - intuition, balance, protection, cleansing

Rose Quartz - "love stone" - self love, peace, healing, harmony

Clear Quartz - "healing stone" - healing, energy, clarity, balance

Essential Oils - Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon

MANIFESTATION - Bringing your desires into reality through your mindset, thoughts and beliefs.

Tiger's Eye - "confidence stone" - protection, inner strength, self-confidence, personal power

Citrine - "success stone" - confidence, happiness, abundance, prosperity

Black Obsidian - "protection stone" - protection from negativity, cleanser, clarity, grounding

Essential Oils - Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cherry Blossoms

TRANQUILITY - Being in a calm stillness and peaceful serenity in the midst of any storm.

Green Aventurine - "balance stone" - balance of mind, body and spirit, healing, luck

Green Fluorite - "genius stone" - mental focus, growth, renewal, spirituality

Turquoise - "power stone" - purpose, purification, inner calm, grounding

Clear Quartz - "healing stone" - healing, energy, clarity, balance

Essential Oils - Ocean, White Tea, Cherry Blossoms

Candle Care Kit

The perfect kit to preserve the quality of your candles, an even burn life and keeps them looking beautiful.

Candle Kit Tray

The Scentual Soothers tray is made of black stainless steel. It is the perfect surface to place your candle on while lit or unlit. It can also be used to hold your care kit tools.

Wick Trimmer

The wick trimmer will help prevent soot build up on the walls, lengthens the life of the candle and helps it burn more evenly. Trim your wick 1/4" before or after each use when the wax is room temperature.

Wick Snuffer

The wick snuffer is used to extinguish the candle flame. It also helps to avoid the smoke of a smoldering wick. Place the bell over the flame until it goes out.

Wick Dipper

The wick dipper provides a smoke-free, cleaner option for extinguishing the flame. Dip candle wick into the melted liquid wax to extinguish the flame. It can also be used to dig out your gemstones.

How to use your candle care kit

Important candle care tip for first burn